SKALA International Holding Inc.


The registered activity field of SKALA is brokering, exporting and manufacturing of United States Department of State DDTC-ITAR (US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls) defined                Defense Industry & Military Articles and Services.

The core of SKALA's business is integrity. 

SKALA International Holding, Inc. is committed to the  highest standards for ethical business conduct.  Operating with integrity and doing the right thing creates trust between business partners and customers both in the U.S. and throughout the world.  Trust is the foundation for successful business ventures and trust begins with our partners' respect for the integrity and professionalism of SKALA employees. 

SKALA has zero tolerance for corruption whether in the United States or internationally.  SKALA expects everyone within its company to comply with all anti-corruption laws,  including The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Global Anti-Corruption laws, and SKALA's Code of Business Conduct ("Code"). 

The Code provides guidance pertaining to SKALA's standards of integrity and compliance with ethical business practices.  The Code will help us all understand what is allowed and what is prohibited when conducting business as a SKALA employee.  All SKALA officers and employees comply with applicable laws and the Code to avoid illegal and unethical business practices.  The Code of Business Conduct is intended to help SKALA conduct business both within the U.S. and internationally with our allies while ensuring we adhere to the U.S. and International Corruption laws. 

We have to consider that time is the indefinite continued progress of existence covering the events in the past, present and the future. This is what we call the SKALA Experience.

We invite you to be a part of the SKALA Experience +++++


Peace Through strength