SKALA International Holding supplies premium quality Scrap Metals including old railroads R50/R65 and HMS 1 - HMS2

Scrap Rails (R50 and R65) Cut Lengths;

1.5 meters (ideal for melting)

6 meters

12 meters full length (ideal for piling)


We are traders of Iron Ore Products %63 to %64.5

Typical Specifications are as following;

Fe - Maximum 64.5% / Minimum 62%

Fe2O3 - Maximum 82%

Al2O3 - Maximum 1.5%

SiO2 - Maximum 8.5%

S - Maximum 0.06% / Minimum 0.02%

HMS is 'Heavy Melting Scrap'. It is the generic term for most types of heavy steel scrap, normally cut to a size not exceeding 1.5m x 0.5m. It may and will consist of cut lengths of pipe, re-bar, angles, steel poles, H or I beams, ships plate. HMS 1 is the term for heavier scrap which has a density of at least 0.7 tons per cubic meter, whereas HMS 2 would be lighter steel scrap such as thin wall tubing (eg bicycle frames), sheet scrap less than 3.2mm thick and so on. HMS 2 may contain galvanized and blackened steel whereas HMS 1 does not.

HMS1 and HMS2 are normally sold together with a ratio of 80/20 (or similar) depending on the price, heavy and light. HMS is the worldwide description used.

Within the USA we also have a similar type of scrap called ISRI grade 201 which is shorter (1m x 0.5m) and should usually to be at least 6mm thick, making it a slightly superior grade to HMS.

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What do we handle ?

Scrap Iron

  1. HMS1

  2. HMS2

  1. R50 Scrap Rails

  1. R65 Scrap Rails

  1. ISRI 201

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